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Maybe It's a Dream

Title: Maybe It's a Dream
Characters: Yu Narukami
Genre: General
Rating: PG
Synopsis: Returning had been all he'd expected, or... maybe more than he could ever dream of.
Warnings: Brief mentions of past horror/torture; also, prepare your tissues.

The moment he returned to staring outside the window as his friends faded from view in the bright morning sun was disorienting, to say the least. In the light of the world they'd fought tooth and nail to save, he wondered if it all came to pass as a dream; a warning of what could have been if he'd failed to see the truth. The ache in his heart told him otherwise, but he brushed it aside as he lifted his hand to wave at the familiar faces of those he'd stand for time and again to protect, a tear falling down his cheek though he wasn't aware of it as he smiled.

Was this what they'd fought for, to simply say farewell in the end? No, not farewell; a promise to never forget, and to see one another again. Even if it was only in shared dreams.

His eyes slip closed for a brief moment, and for an instant, it was almost as if he saw so many more faces disappearing in the distances behind his team -- no, his family. Faces that both should and should not be there in the early spring daylight. Yet when he opened his eyes once again, they weren't there. His heart ached, but he couldn't place it as he moved to sit down and watch the familiar landscape of the countryside pass him by. They'd won. This was how it was supposed to be after overcoming Death herself.

...Wasn't it?

The ache doesn't seem to fade for a long time as the train moves on, as if unaware that it left one passenger's heart back with those on the platform and elsewhere. Yet all he could was smile through the pain, as bittersweet as it may seem. He'd found his World, after all. And the bonds that had made it.

...Most of them.

Some time passed, before he put his hand inside his blazer's inside pocket and pulled out a photo from it. On it, all of his team was there; smiling back at him. He remembered them taking this earlier in the month after a day of teenage craziness atop the hill overlooking their --yes, their small hometown. Inaba was home, now... for all its quirks.

Yet why did it-?


He lightly pressed and rubbed against the surface of the photograph, seemingly perplexed for a brief moment as when he did so, there was a second corner of photography paper. He knew it had been too thick to simply be one, but-

One day, he woke up dressed in all white, staring at the ceiling in fear for what felt the longest time, only to meet the boy with blue hair that Margaret had spoken of before. Of meeting others in the same situation, not wanting to believe that their happy endings were nothing but a false hope; that it wasn't lifeless wasteland. The many floors, and the many days spent just surviving and fighting and grieving and suffering at their hands. Saving a few, revealing other truths, warnings against driving blindly into situations.

The people, the faces that were all there...

He reflexively drew a hand over his heart, then traced each and every face that was on this photograph. One that he thought he would never see again. All of his friends, who had made it to the very end... and himself. Some of the team was there, some of them weren't. Members of other Persona user teams were there, too.... and others who'd grown close to him. Even the princess from another world, and those who stood against their captors and those who sought to conquer all worlds. Many of them had their own battles left to fight.

This is it, huh?
Once we step through, we may never see each other again.
I guess this is where we part ways.
Don't be such a sap.
Guess I'll be seein' ya over there, huh?

You are never alone, child of man...

Yu took the photo in both hands with a sigh, staring at each and every face as though trying to burn them even deeper in his memories. He knew deep down that he would likely never meet them again, save a few... but his heart would never forget them. The promises, the struggles, and the mistakes they all made...

He would never forget and will carry that as strength and resolve. After all, there was still one more fight to be won. Maybe more.

'My words may never reach you,' he prayed, '-and our paths have branched out from the places we met... but we are never alone. So never forget that, nor that we will be cheering for one another in our closed-off worlds.

'Until we meet again.'

For a brief instant, he could hear their voices resonating with his own, the bonds he'd forged in that hell. Yet all he could was smile at the faces of those he'll miss in both photographs. Even though he could vaguely feel the same power he'd had when he overcame Death itself. Maybe even his power being added to by the bonds he'd forged.

'Our hearts are one.'

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