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Notes for Twintania By Someoen who likely destroyed the eardrums of her raid members (oops)

PHASE ONE: Pull as we usually do (if a wipe has occurred, use tank LB for more aggro and a bit more protection for the first part of the pull/less heal aggro). When bb dargons are down, DPS and OT stay behind the Twintania while two pets are placed on Twintania's left.
--Red Mark/Fireballs: Targeted person runs to the fairies unless conflag is up. Only exception is if there is barely any HP left on conflag, in which case run to the fairies anyway because you don't want them to go "I'M FREE I'M FREE [firebomb'd] DANGIT."
--Blue Mark/Conflagration: Run directly under Twintanisa unless you are that one party member who tunnelvisions in which case don't get anyone else caught in it...OR ELSE.
-- Neurolink placement is still the same as we've gone over/I can refresh when we go in again.
Phase One ends at 53% HP. At 54% HP remaining, run into the pit.
PHASE TWO: Divebombs suck really suck. Everyone needs to run up the hill the moment the sound effect goes off/green icon appears over someone's head. You just have to run up the hill and nowhere further, then go back in.
--Note: IF YOU GET HIT, DO NOT RUN BACK INTO THE PIT UNTIL THE THIRD DIVEBOMB. Just keep running outside until the second icon is over someone's head before rejoining the group.
- After the third Divebomb, snakes will spawn. OT takes the small snakes while MT focuses on the big guy. One DD helps OT get the small snakes to somewhere between 30-50% HP while everyone else focuses on lowering the big snake's HP.
- 45 seconds after the first wave of snakes spawn, Twintania's focustarget bar reappears. This means it's time for the second group of divebombing! Everyone should still be in the pit for this phase, so the moment thre green icon appears, dodge it as you did without the snakes.
- After the third (six in total) divebomb, two more small snakes appear on the opposite side of Bahamut's hand. OT needs to run to grab them while BLM or SMN prepare to LB the snakes. Caster LB should kill two of them at least.
- This next part of the phase is a DPS check and tank buff awareness check.
- When the small snakes die, they will add a defense stack debuff on the melee and tanks in range along with the big snake. This big snake NEEDS to go down before the wipe mechanic however, so this could be used to an advantage. One DPS focuses on killing the smaller snakes while others burn the big guy down.
--Note: I've found using Raging Strikes as a BLM helpful during this part. Foe's Requiem is also recommended.
- Whether or not the big snake is down, once Twintania flashes back onto the stage we all need to get into the neuralinks. Tanks stand in the one furthest from the entrance, everyone else in the other. If anyone is not in a neuralink at this point, you will die.
--Note: PLDs will likely need to use Hallowed Ground just before she does her wipe mechanic attack due to debuff stack. WARs however may survive but best start praying to patron diety just in case.
PHASE THREE: Say hello to Twisters and Dreadknights, the REAL DPS and stage awareness check!
- Everyone needs to spread out immediately after the wipe move and begin DPSing Twintania down while keeping an eye on her casting bar. No matter who you are or what your role is, if Twister appears on the casting bar, you start running. She targets multiple people with this ability and one person getting smacked in the face with it can cause a wipe.
- During this phase, she will also permabind others so a dreadknight can kill them. When the dreadknight appears, abandon DD on Twin and burn them quickly. If the dreadknight reaches the stunned/bound party member they will die.
--Note: Keep in mind that even during the time a dreadknight is up, Twin will still be spawning Twisters. KEEP AN EYE ON THAT FOCUSTARGET BAR. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH.
--Note 2: Dreadknights can be stunned three times to give DDs more time to burn them down.
Phase ends at 28% HP remaining.
FINAL PHASE: MT must immediately get inside the neuralink towards the center of Bahamut's Hand. This is important as she will cast Hatches on random players that would kill the person with the purple triangle around them otherwise. Standing inside a neuralink will cause the hatches to be ONLY on the MT, and they can survive it by staying inside the 'link.
- During this phase one member of the party will be targeted by Twintania to be subject to a barrage of Liquid Hells. This party member must continue to run around the outer perimeter to avoid catching anyone else in the stupid.
- Congratulations. If you manage to pull this off, you have defeated Twintania. Good luck in the second coil!

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