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Title: The Heart Recalls
Author: Twi
Genre: General AU
Word length: ???
Sypnosis: When mentions of a Persona's past are laid forebear, is all truly what it seems?
Pairings: None
Notes: I blame little sleep and Ana. That is all. 8|

It was quiet enough in the classroom as the students began listening to the teacher of this class begin their short time together as they were only briefly visiting the private school. That wasn't the problem at all. In fact, you could say that even though it was the late Mr. Morooka's idea,this trip wasn't turning out to be a total disaster like his friends had worried about. Most of it had been interesting so far as this afternoon went. At least, until this one began to mention the founding of their country and a "story of partings."

He doesn't quite understand why, but he slowly began to sink slightly in his seat. What seemed to get Chie's and Yosuke's attention first was the name "Izanagi"--his Persona--yet he couldn't find any enthusiasm in the mentioning. It left him perplexed, silently wondering why he was sensing this. Was it simply because his Persona was aware of what was being said, or-?

Izanami's death...

For some reason his heart began to feel heavy, even though he didn't show it at all just that moment. He kept his expression schooled into a bored, only half-tentative pose as Mr. Edogawa continued. "Extremely saddened" felt like a supreme understatement to the crushing sensation in the back of his mind, yet he kept his mouth shut. Of course Izanagi would have been in mourning for his beloved--who wouldn't? But as the teacher continued, Yu couldn't help but feel a twinge of indigence. "Terrified" sounded off to him--a human emotion that was added to the story, at least in the way the teacher was explaining it. In fact, he had begun to open his mouth to say something when he caught himself, blinking in surprise at himself.

It... wasn't like him to correct a teacher on something such as myth, let alone anything that held scientific knowledge that could be proven by analysis and deduction. So why had he begun to feel this way over a simple story everyone knew? He sat there, looking at his desk as Edogawa continued on with the lecture. The teen barely caught Yosuke giving him a concerned glance before mouthing, "I'm fine," as the bell rang.

However, it wouldn't be the end of the peculiar feelings of indignant anger. Soon after stepping out of the classroom, many of the other classmates began chatting idly about the lecture.

"Terrified? I always heard that he was repulsed by the condition of her corpse."

"More like detested. I mean, who wouldn't feel that way about an animated corpse?"

He hadn't even noticed his hands clenching into fists as he kept walking until Rise broke his fingers apart and held onto a hand of his. "...Senpai?"

"...I'm alright. It's just been a long day." he muttered, not completely lying and yet... He didn't even know if that was all of what was causing the sudden mood change. His silence wasn't that uncommon as they walked to the hotel they would be staying at, either... though he was rather glad to be surrounded by his friends again. Their rampant teasing of one another and jokes always seemed to ebb away the stress he always felt for some reason or another.

At least, before Rise randomly started blushing at the name of the hotel. Oh, my... But at least the episode seemed to be forgotten for the time being. There were a few laughs, the urge to smirk at the fact of Kanji being roomed with them... suddenly sharing space with the rambunctious Teddie as well and the shenanigans that followed. The evening certainly wasn't boring, but as they all slowly drifted off--he somehow ended up on the floor and praying that one of them didn't hit one of the buttons on the bed again. Thoughts slowly drifted to the classroom and the lecture once more, and now that he could think on it objectively Yu began to wonder just why it had provoked such a strong--yawn--response...

He soon fell asleep to the images of another time and another place, most of the details soon forgotten in the haze obscuring the faces of all involved.