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Title: Nightmares and Illusions
Author: Twi
Genre: General AU
Word length: ???
Sypnosis: Fill out when not passing out.
Pairings: None
Notes: I need a life. 8|

He's falling... falling through the darkness. There doesn't seem to be an end in sight as the words from the outside invade his thoughts. The fact that there seemed to be some sort of measure of time passing makes him wonder if he's truly asleep. A sea of unconsciousness within the hearts of man and the end of the year again... He couldn't help but think that something about that one line seemed a bit off. If the other world was a part of it, and it lay within their hearts, then what exactly was it? And why were they given the power of Persona? Not only that, but the people they recently met... and Naoto... she was-

...Regardless, it was beginning to get more difficult to think straight as he continued to fall. The darkness was beginning to suffocate him, like it wanted him to just give up right then and there. Just like Adachi had- but that couldn't be, right? How much of Adachi's actions were really him and which parts were all Ameno-sagiri? Nothing was adding up completely in the madness of the reality they could clearly see, and yet.

Yu couldn't see a thing.

No matter which way he looked, no matter where he turned, all he could see was an endless abyss and hear a regal laugh from somewhere deep within. A laugh that seemed to be growing louder. He cringed.

'Surely you already know the answer to what you seek?'

Yu looked around blindly, attempting to locate the source of the voice before shaking his head and growing still again.

'Man only sees what he wishes to see,' the voice spoke again with a sound of amusement, 'They believe only what they wish to believe. Do you, who sought the truth behind the events that cost your home, still not see beyond this fog?'

Things slowly grew lighter as the other spoke, and he could feel the mists brush against the exposed patches of skin before a cold hand finds itself on his forehead. Cold as death, yet there is a hidden gentleness(?) in the gesture. 'I should think your friends would expect better of the spark in your heart.

His... heart? He tried to move and place his hand over said organ to no avail. He couldn't move... far too exhausted from the fighting... Carefully, he opened his eyes to see a black figure within the fog beside him, yet can't make anything out beyond that before the pain in his chest returns. What's... happening to him?

The figure merely smiled, and something... something clicked back into place within him that had gone out in that confrontation.

'Show them the true desires of man, invited guest.'

The hand lifted from his forehead, and he began to fall once more through fog and darkness before sitting up with a start. ...It was all a dream?

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