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Thu., March 22nd.

Title: Thu., March 22nd.
Characters: P4 Protagonist
Genre: General
Rating: G
Synopsis: It felt good to be back in his own room again, but these walls weren't home- not anymore.
Warnings: Get your tissues ready.

The train ride home was full of conflicting emotions. His friends, the town in which they first met, their world -- all of it was safe once again. It was all over. It was all over, and he knew it, but there was a knot in his stomach. It was over, and now they could go on with their lives. He still felt those links tightly connecting his heart with those he considered his closest friends. So as he sat there, watching the countryside pass them by. He can see the small town he loves fading in the distance, the river where he, his uncle, and Nanako played together after she recovered, the hilltop where he watched over the kids in daycare. Yet for all the bittersweet nature of this departure, all he can do is smile faintly as it all passes by before pulling out the picture of the people closest to his heart from his jacket pocket and gaze into their faces one by one. No, it wasn't a 'farewell.' It never would be...

He isn't sure how long he was asleep, only that he heard a woman's voice whispering a farewell in his memories. They were all safe now, as the voice over the train's intercom system states that they were reaching his destination. No Shadows to threaten them, no deranged goddess looking to destroy all of humanity. For once, it felt as though all the loose ends were tied and that it would be the end of the story. He even smiled as both his parents approached him at the station, surprised by the change in his expression, in how the light in his eyes seemed so much stronger, and how he held himself now.

A year can change a person, but in all truth, he had his friends to thank for this- just as they had him to thank for overcoming their inner struggles. They shared idle chatter while they headed home, the picture he held most dear never leaving the pocket so close to his heart as he did so. He spoke no word about the case, figuring they'd kept up with it overseas. As he sat there in the back of their car, his mind couldn't help but wander back to those cold winter days. Of skiing in the mountains, hanging out at each others' homes and around town, building snowmen with Uncle and Nanako.

Silence soon fell over them as they returned to their house. Same kitchen, same living area, same bedroom... He went to putting his things away, slowly sitting down at his desk with a sigh as he finally removed both the picture of his second family and the one of his friends and placed them on the desk in front of him. One day he'd get frames for them, but for now... he was exhausted from the trip. Grudgingly he stood, only to prepare his futon so he could sleep soon. Yet as he lay there, he found it hard to drift off. Then he remembered: his phone had been off this entire time.

And it beeped with a sign of new messages, and when he checked them... the warm, yet melancholic smile he had when the train doors had closed behind him spread across his face once more. It was funny that, when leaving the city none of his friends bothered keeping in contact. Yet after an entire year of living in the countryside... there were so many texts from the friends he'd fought beside for so long waiting for him.

"Yo, senpai! how waz the trip back home?"
"Here's hoping you made it back alright, Leader."
"Don't forget about us, alright?"
"Senpai, I hope the trip was favorable. Don't be a stranger."
"You better not forget how exciting and peaceful country life can be, partner!"
"c ya soon, senpai! @}-`--,---"
"Our hearts will always be one. Right, sensei?"

He read the texts over and over and over again, smiling even more as he slowly began to drift off. Texts were sent back, and his phone silently vibrated in his hand as he lay there, breathing peacefully as he slumbered. It was over... They won back the future of all mankind, and yet...

His heart ached for the day he could be reunited with his friends again, to see their smiles as they joked about what else was going on around town now that it was peaceful again and the murders were over. He continued to live on, separated from those he cared for the most in his finite life. In his dreams, he wondered... How was that boy he succeeded, being isolated from the souls of his friends? He hoped that, one day, that the boy Margaret mentioned would be able to be freed from his duty. He had to be suffering, whoever he was...

Because it felt good to be back in his own room again, but these walls weren't homefor him- not anymore.
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kl;dkds omg i've always wanted to read a fic where he goes back to his house

dojima y u no adopt yu
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Oh my gosh this is amaziiing, now I'm gonna end up writing all of the P4 fanfic what are you doing to me.

Also I still have this icon on my personal account when I was experimenting with importing icons jfl;skdf how fitting...
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yeah, well... guess what I'll probably be writing when I'm more awake and tags are fewer? okay, and between video editing.

asdf-- dat icon. ;A;