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I'll find my way through the deepest darkness...

Author: Twi
Genre: P4/KH AU
Sypnosis: Fill out when not passing out.
Pairings: Implied Yosuke/Aqua

The struggle is something akin to that of what she'd seen before as the sunlight diminishes behind the all too familiar clouds as metal clangs and voices cry out. The dust, the grime, and the extra charge of electricity are the same. The only difference is that they are vastly outnumbered, all of their opponents save one wearing the same black coat. She can feel the heat from the ethereal blades striking at her barrier, can taste the putrid darkness that is clearly tangible in the air.

It still makes her sick to her stomach.

She grimaces as more gunarrow charges strike at the barrier around her while she can hear Ven's voice, letting a Salvation spell rip across the battlefield. It's been so long since he's been able to fight, yet his light still shines so brilliantly...

The barrier gives way as one of those cloaked comes within striking distance, blasting him back with the massive explosion of power and magic. That's right. She was going to fight tooth and nail to make sure that this time, those under her care weren't...

Sora's voice rings out as the Salvation spell is seconded, the battlefield soon becoming peppered with light clashing darkness. However, like her smallest companion, she can't help but train her gaze on the man standing above them on the plateau the second before she has to jump out of the way of a massive whirlwind of Keys. It's familiar.... too familiar to be pushed back like this. They know her weaknesses too well, and soon it's all she can do to keep herself alive as she avoids a marred fist of the Guardian. though now, she can't help but think of another creature when she looks at it.

Yet hers won't come...

Aqua keeps summoning a magical barrier, feeling her powers soon draining as she realizes just how outnumbered they are. It's only escalating and if they don't stop, then --



That was... Terra?

However, when she looked, she realized the horrible truth while having to dodge a cannon blast from a certain Keyblade...

She had been used.

He never broke free of Xehanort.

She let this happen by sacrificing herself and her armor...the Keyblade now firmly in her grasp.

Ven cries out in pain, soon followed by Kairi. She... she's failing them? No, she couldn't. She'll keep fighting and revive them as she passes by. Five of their enemies numbers were down and Lea was having enough problems holding off his best friend. She wouldn't fail.


But there's no time... When Riku calls out, the attack's three seconds from colliding with her as she charges forward, electricity enveloping her armored frame. If she doesn't do something, he'll-- he'll never...

Her Keyblade begins to shine brilliantly as the cloaked figure suddenly stops in midair (from her perspective). This power... she recognizes it as the blue light filters on from the moon up high, as she feels a sickening thud and the cracking of her armor from the side as a claymore smacks her through the rock alcove nearby (He takes power from moonlight...?). Lea cries out next, and though the darkness is down by four...the light is dropping fast. It's getting harder for Aqua to see as well.

'No... I can't... fail them. I can't lose my friends again-!'

'Don't go...'

Aqua's eyes widen as the scene in the graveyard goes black. She doesn't feel the pain, doesn't feel the soreness in her side. She feels weightless as the familiar voice echoes through her very being.

'You gonna jus' take that shit lying down?!'

That's right... They hadn't found her in the darkness. Instead it was a sleepy rural town where her heart had begun to heal again, getting ready to withstand any trial that would come their way. She can see all of them, smiling. Faces of those who had saved their world and believed she could save her own.

'You fought all this way in the dark and you're going to let them stop you here?' she could hear their leader say. 'Come on, Aqua-san... You can stand up again.'

She can feel something like eight being pressed on the bottom of her armored feet. It's shaky, but slowly more pressure is being placed on them...

'You promised Yosuke-kun you'd come back, right?'
'Yeah, so you better keep that promise or we'll find a way to drag you back!'

Yukiko-san... Chie-san...

She stands up straight, eyes closed. That's right. She did promise them that.

Aqua doesn't even realize she switched grips on her Keyblade as she steps forward and out of the rubble. What she does acknowledge, however, is the blue light forming around her as the one called Xemnas is about to land a finishing blow on Ven.

"I won't let you hurt my friends again-!"

The Empress Arcana falls before her as she swings her blade at it and she screams in fury, stunning those gathered who don't know her well at all. The power glows in the moonlight as the massive feminine figure manifests, pale blue and lavender battledress glistening as it lifts a hand. The talismans surround them in a circle as Aqua points her blade forward.

'Never again will I see his face in eternal slumber-!'

The light encompasses all of them, and many of the voices scream in agony... but she can't find herself to care. No, instead she charges forward with the flames of her outrage licking in an aura around her as she strikes out at Xemnas, knocking him out of the way when her Persona casts Healing Wave. Yet she doesn't stop there. Soon it's a dance of light and nothingness as she twirls in place. She promised the others... and she will make it through to see them again! She will save Terra's heart!

They won't lose... so long as they don't give in to despair.

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