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Name: Vanitas
Canon: Kingdom Hearts
Timeline: "You used to be too broken to talk back."

Personality: Your sweet repression can't hide who you really are...

Vanitas is a recluse at first glance, hiding his face behind the mask so as to hide his expression, as well as his face from the rest of the world. Though, he has no qualms with revealing his true nature to those who get in his way. In short, his personality can be summarized by the five C's: calm, callous, cunning, cruel, and cold. He is often spoken of as an abomination; a creature not fitting to wield the Keyblade in being a creature of Darkness incarnate. Even Master Xehanort himself professes that his Apprentice is a being such as this, and Vanitas has done nothing to disprove this theory. In contrast to the Master, he is quite honest about his true nature and doesn't hide from the brightness of light, but rather confronts it head on. Yet, he only speaks in half-truths, or rather, withholds certain facts in order to manipulate others to fall into place like pieces on a game board. This is shown clearly when he casually leads Ventus into leaving the safety of his tiny world with the cryptic message stemming from the facts (that Terra would soon be possessed and overshadowed by Master Xehanort) in saying "by the time you catch up he'll be a different person" regarding Terra-Xehanort; the Xehanort most of the franchise is familiar with.

His sole purpose was to create the conflict when Master Xehanort would not, to clash with Ventus so that his would grow into a heart that would befit an ingredient for the χ-blade. He considers friendship and love to be naught but worthless trash that holds a person down, yet a useful means to manipulate others he sees as below him─an example of how proud he is─into blindly fall into the traps he and Master Xehanort planned for them. Vanitas is often seen criticizing Ventus's friendships with Terra and Aqua, calling him an idiot when the other doesn't seem to take the hint and continues falling into place with the Master's wishes. When he grew strong enough, Vanitas showed his sheer arrogance to Aqua thrice. First when they first fought, claiming that he would be the only one to walk away alive. Upon losing, he laughed in her face before vanishing through the corridors and remarked that she would be his backup should Ventus fail him.

"I think that kid's [Ventus] outgrown such a childish toy... if you ask my opinion. Just like I've outgrown my need for you."

Secondly, his comments toward her before and after breaking the wooden Keyblade Terra gave Ventus. The final time I will mention is their last battle, in which he cruelly mocks her skill and how he, wielding the χ-blade, will be the Key that unlocks Kingdom Hearts and after the fight controlled by the player, taunts her by sarcastically asking if she was giving up already.

Being a creature of the purest darkness, human life holds no meaning to him; not even Master Xehanort's existence is of any value to Vanitas. He would strike even Ventus, his origin, down if deemed of little use. This, along with his lack of an issue of disregarding orders if he deems it fit, is shown in their first encounter within the Graveyard where he nearly killed Ventus before a certain Mouse saved the boy of purest light, merely remarking with a "so what." This, while knowing full well that Master Xehanort needed Ventus alive for their plans to succeed.

It is rare for him to lose his composure, even upon losing in battle. In fact, there is only once when he breaks this; and it's when he is facing his own death within the Awakening. This is the one time in the game where Vanitas expresses genuine concern and fear, because he knows that death is nigh. In a panic, he reached for the χ-blade before meeting death's sweet kiss.

tl;dr: Vanitas is his name, trolling is his game.

First Person: [For those accustomed to it, there truly is no need for an introduction─merely his presence is enough to send chills down someone's spine from some distance. However, he seems to be calm as he reads the sign written in so many different languages. Like all other Keybearers, however, they read the same to him. It's amusing nonetheless, to see such a sign as the feed clicks.]

"Ruby City," huh. [He muses, vaguely dark humor lacing his tone. Wounds forgotten as usual while they healed on their own, he glances─or at least appears to, since it's hard to tell with the mask─to the watch hanging from his belts by its chain. Now when did this get opened?]

Pathetic. [And he slams the watch shut after that single glance.]

Third Person: It was simple, really. Wait in the world of light for the boy to find his way there─follow the other half a heart while the little brats that normally played on this island were attending preschool or kindergarten. It should have remained that way as well. After all, Terra would want his friend─his brother─to be safe. How little he knew that this course of action would prove to be quite the opposite, indeed. Or would have, if it had not been for one thing entirely.

There he was, on a train he didn't even know he'd boarded. Eyes narrowed in disgust, he glanced around, finding his mask on the seat next to him. Just what was this madness, and where was he going? The last he could recall was watching Ventus begin to break down in a migraine as the walls he had around his heart began to break at last. The forgotten memories returning to him like they should have a long time ago. He had been triumphant in that much, at least─smug, even. But now...

Vanitas' eyes narrowed into dangerous slits, silent anger rising and materializing in that one brief moment. Confusion, hatred, irritation─all of them were is silent companions. Silent, until their 'voices' began to chirp back to the source. Annoyed even further, he waved a hand upon standing. The creatures of all different shapes vanished in individual swirls of darkness as he placed the mask over his face once more.

The train stopped, the doors opened.

It was time to find some answers.

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